Components with a graphical representation have a variety of configuration attributes that affect their appearance. These attributes can be modified at several location whilst scripting.

Default values

These attributes are stored as Python dictionaries in the config module.

A complete set of all default configurations can be duplicated for reference from the command line:

py -m pinout.manager --duplicate config

# expected response:
# >>> duplicated.

Amending the default configurations can be done by replacing or updating any of the dictionaries with plain Python:

from pinout import config
config.pinlabel["body"].update({"width": 120})

# All pin-label bodies will now default to 120 wide

Instance attributes

PinLabels and Annotations accept a dictionary of configurations for some attributes. These values are used to update the default settings for that single instance. This is ideal when small alterations are required for a low number items:

from pinout.core import Diagram
from pinout.components.pinlabel import PinLabel

diagram = Diagram(1200, 675, "pinout")
        body={"width": 40},