The manager module provides various functions to assist pinout create diagrams. For users, Manager is primarily accessed via the command-line for the following.

Duplicate quick_start files

A fast way to get started exploring pinout is by trying out the quick_start diagram that is featured in the tutorial. Required files can be duplicated from the pinout package via command line:

py -m pinout.manager --duplicate quick_start

# expected output:
# >>> duplicated.
# >>> hardware.png duplicated.
# >>> duplicated.
# >>> styles.css duplicated.

-d works as a short-hand version of –duplicate

Export an SVG diagram

Once a diagram has been documented it can be exported to SVG format via the command-line. Two arguments must be supplied. A path to the diagram python script and destination path including filename:

>>> py pinout.manager --export my_diagram.svg

# expected response:
# 'my_diagram.svg' exported successfully.

# Example where pinout.Diagram instance is named 'board_x_diagram'
>>> py pinout.manager --export my_diagram.svg board_x_diagram

Details to note:

  • –export can be expressed as a single letter -e

  • An –overwrite (-o) can also be included to overwrite an existing file

  • if the instance name is not ‘diagram’ the alternative name can be added as as third argument

Export in other formats

With the addition of CairoSVG pinout is able to export to PNG, PDF, and PS formats. Installation is done via pip:

pip install cairosvg


CairoSVG has it’s own (non-Python) dependencies. See Install and Quickstart for more details.

Once these dependencies have been installed replace the filename suffix to export in the desired format:

# Export as png
>>> py pinout.manager --export my_diagram.png

# Export as pdf
>>> py pinout.manager --export my_diagram.pdf

# Export as ps
>>> py pinout.manager --export

Generate a cascading stylesheet

Provided with a diagram file, the manager can extract components and tags, then export a stylesheet based on this data to assist with styling. The resulting stylesheet can then be further edited or a second stylesheet created to supplement the default styles:

>>> py pinout.manager --css diagram_styles.css

# expected response:
# Stylesheet created: 'diagram_styles.css'

As with exporting an SVG, the -o flag can be used to overwrite and existing file. Note, there is no short-hand for the -css flag.