class pinout.components.legend.Legend(data, max_height=None, **kwargs)

Auto generate a legend component

Note: pinout does not calculate text widths. A manually provided width may be required to ensure text remains enclosed within the legend.

  • data ([type]) – [description]

  • max_height ([type], optional) – [description], defaults to None


class pinout.components.legend.Swatch(width=None, height=None, **kwargs)

Graphical icon for display in LegendEntry

  • width (int, optional) – Width of swatch, defaults to None

  • height (int, optional) – Height of swatch, defaults to None


class pinout.components.legend.LegendEntry(content, width=None, height=None, swatch=None, **kwargs)

Legend entry comprised of a swatch and single line of text.

The swatch attribute accepts either a dictionary of Swatch attributes or a Swatch instance. Swatch styling (ie filling with color) is done via CSS and should reference the LegendEntry class(es).

  • content ([type]) – Text displayed in entry

  • width (int, optional) – Width of entry, defaults to None

  • height (int, optional) – height of entry, defaults to None

  • swatch (dict or Swatch, optional) – Graphical icon included in entry, defaults to None